Taking A Look At Fiber Optic Cables


Fiber-optic cable is used in various fields, including: communication technology, music and medicine.

Types of fiber optic cables

There are basically two types of fiber: single-mode and multimode fiber. The difference between them lies in the size of the core. Multimode fibers have a larger core, so to propagate multiple modes of light. Singlemode fiber, on the other hand, have narrow cores that share only one mode of light.

Multi-mode fibers are suitable for use with cheaper, as light sources gets less accurate lasers. Fiber also reduce the tolerance requirements for the orientation of the connectors. While cable can effectively operate with light sources, their main disadvantage is that a large – multiple light modes allows you to spread and brings the modal distortion, which greatly limits the distance that travels in light. In most cases, the light is limited to 20-500 meters depending on signal type.

That single mode fibers have small core size, which you to support transmission over long distances. In most cases, distances up to several thousand kilometers. While this is the case, units require a more expensive and coherent laser light sources to work for you.

How to keep fiber optic fiber

For fiber to work is still effective, how long you need to take care of them. One way to deal with this is through regular inspection. During the works, fibres, a number of issues may develop how to transmit down the cable the light among many others. To make sure that appliances are in good condition, you should regularly check the presence of faults. The cool thing is that there are many tools that make the job easy inspection. Some of these tools include: fault locator, optical power meter, optical character recognition and many others. All you need to do is to verify that the tools correctly.

Another way, the income is good from anxiety via cable regular cleaning of the bushings and fork. To use the best material to clear the blocks, alcohol. When cleaning the caution that you touch the cable ends. This is to avoid contamination. You should also avoid alcohol on the cord after cleaning.


Different types of fiber optic cable is ideal for various applications. As a rule, make sure you use the correct cable for the correct application.


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