Magento 2.1 – Just the Right Features to Empower Marketers and Merchandisers


Magento 2.1 brought a number of attractive changes, e-Commerce companies just loved. It offers all of the great features for online shoppers, experience with great shopping.

It is important to note that marketers and merchandisers, which supports the creation of compelling campaigns for action and e-Commerce platform provides you with numerous built-in functions.

2.1 Magento gives you the power to create an unforgettable shopping experience for their customers – faster and in the simplest way.

Here’s how Magento 2.1 which may help:

It drives sales and increases productivity

Magento 2.1 new opportunities for content staging and preview. You can scene and view all kinds of content, including updates to products, categories and categories. Convenient tools were developed ad with extensive usability testing and the whole process of production and in the preview window before it is new products or categories very easily and quickly. It also has a new scale instrument panel, the store offers the owners to look at the planned updates, so that your sales and marketing-the most the team can use the data and implications. With Enterprise edition 2.1 you can view this information on the seats and links to share so that approvals easier.

Increases the conversion rate

Therefore, optimization of the process control 2.1 Magento has implemented a number of improvements to enhance the efficient use of funds and income. PayPal in-context checkout increases conversion the client has left your website to make payments. Secure storage of credit card is a great way to pay quickly, especially for frequent purchases. Customers who pay for only the love of the checkout quickly and without manually enter in credit card information.

Scale for growth

One of the newest features of Magento 2.1 is that it comes with Elastic Search is a powerful search technology to boot, supports around 33 languages, or a quick search on the website. You can find stop words, synonyms and can handle large directories that are needed due to the fast growing trader. Elastic search configuration is relatively simple, and you can begin using it immediately.

Improved management experience

Significant changes were controlled by Magento. New technology, elastic search allows you to quickly locate customer data or orders, and assign find synonyms that you can use to better navigate the site.

Providing Magento cloud

Deploying in the cloud provides to help you create amazing experiences for your customers without worrying about infrastructure. This is mainly because the cloud ensures that you highly customizable, secure and scalable showcase built on AWS. It is optimized for rapid deployment and high capacity.

Magento allows you to implement a flexible your store anywhere you want – whether in the cloud or on hosting or on your own equipment.

Magento is indeed the most successful platform for ecommerce development. It is constantly improved and allows the store to sell the operator to better convert!


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