iBeacon With HomeKit – What We Can Look Forward To


ibeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy (ble) communications technology, Mobile applications for the detection of signals from emergency radio allows the device in the physical world and respond to it. This allows the use of mobile Apps to their Position on the micro-level, and put Hyper-contextual content to users based on their Position. We see how these two Internet services will cooperate of things (iot) and the efforts of Apple to make our life easier.

for ibeacon to homekit

Currently, ibeacon is basically sold out of Apple for retail environment. With homekit, but the house of ble technology, Apple made available for a larger number of customers, that creates the smart home. On the most basic level, for the ibeacon, the Smart Home of Apple presence of the user informed, if you come home and all systems should be activated in accordance with the conditions laid down, to greet you and ready to use.

With ibeacon and Smart Home devices

ibeacon can be used to take actions for Smart devices such as lighting, fans, heating /cooling systems, television, etc., among others. Integration with Siri simple voice commands and Voice reminder automated to enable System and technology. Various applications like calendar and notes App can also be used for the work in Tandem with the home kit and ibeacon, commands to the various smart devices in the house.

Currently the Home offers built-in support with ibeacon, to control the lighting in the house, there is much more that can be done, if the imagination is stretched. For example, the lighthouse will help you is in the key of your Smartphone to keep track of your keys, when he lost in the house. In addition, if a key is in the lock, otherwise the light will be switched on, programmed, as soon as someone enters the house.

Apple ibeacon-a lighthouse for the home

In the year 2014, Apple has an offer on the establishment of the first specialised ibeacon technology – compatible Hardware beacon for its Smart-Home product. Apple’s ibeacon will temporarily enable iPhone, iPad and other compatible devices iOS on visible lighthouse. With homekit, users can control locks, lights, doors, surveillance cameras, switches, plugs, kitchen appliances and much more. Apple does not provide equipment for ibeacon as many manufacturers, plant beacon devices are already available. Ibeacon from Apple the role of the Central operating element, which can be run with the iPhone or iwatch.

Which Smart-Home applications, the technology will be built on the basis of ibeacon and homekit

There are many applications that are available for the control of lighting and other important activities in the house. However, this is not yet fully developed, to be truly effective. We offer you a few ideas of where the ibeacon technology can be applied with homekit for the creation of Smart living space.

With ibeacon, the recipient of your arrival informed. For example, the presence of members of the family can be recognized by the App, as you enter or leave the house

Automatic Block or disable the technology, such as computers, Laptops or TV’s in the house, if the device is not the lighthouse in the vicinity

You security take photos with camera or Remote Web-camera and send it to yourself, start the camera with the help of ibeacon technology. Therefore, any photography of intruders can be captured and stored safely, even while the residents of the house were not at home

Switching on the music system in the car or at home to play certain Songs, if the device is of the lighthouse located in the immediate vicinity

Light towers are easy to install and configure, and the delivery of ble beacon, it is expected that more than 400 million units in the next five years to the research of ABI-report. With 10 IOS all set to impress the markets in the next year, the use of ibeacon technology in the foreseeable future will be widely used in all over the world.

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