Do You Need PCI Compliance If You Use PayPal?


In order to know whether the user needs to be PayPal compatible with PCI, we first need to know where these PCI-DSS-compliance with the time limit started. Compliance with the PCI DSS, a lot of claims, the major brands of cards for payment credit card data more secure and free of injury, but also to the process of the transaction, free of any problems.

The five most important brands of the cards of American Express, discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard worldwide and Visa Inc. International, have their needs for safety Standards and brought into existence in the year 2004. PCI-DSS Standard was built to be sustainable, measures to ensure the security of the whole world.

PCI-DSS Standard requires that each merchant for the processing, transmission or storage of payment cards for compliance with the PCI DSS. Requirements are necessary due to the great security they provide, and the information of the customer.

Why do users of PayPal must be compatible with the Standard PCI?

Shopping Online-customer has to pay for what he buys. To pay and the buyer clicks on the Button “pay now” and buy things on your Bank account, credit card or PayPal. In this case the customer pays via PayPal, and that is why the payment is on a secure page hosted by PayPal.

How PayPal stores with credit cards-invoices, customer data, therefore, for PayPal, the compatibility with PCI. You don’t have to worry about the protection of your data of payment cards, and there is no need for you to have access to data from payment cards. All of this, because PayPal is PCI-Compliant and supported and regularly reviewed, the payments for security give the right to the protection of the data of the customer. You put in so much effort and passion, using the PayPal System has the win more customers and has the ability to select the best services for your customers.

How successful PayPal has been

The Standard-Website payments, received a certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS, in the framework of the program of protection of data of the Website of MasterCard and Visa program for the security of the data of the card holder. Not only that, but PayPal is a certificate from the American Institute of Certified public Accountants consent of auditing standards #70 (SAS70). This certificate is hand over to PayPal, PayPal verifies the efforts invested in order to protect the confidential data of the payment card of the customer. In addition, the performance of Standard payments in PayPal even more.

What companies must do

Companies that collect data of payment cards for the processing of Online payments:

· Create and manage a secure network for the protection of the data of payment cards.
· Protection of information of the owner.
· Development of program-vulnerability Management.
· Monitoring and testing networks on a regular Basis.
· The policy of the security of the data.
· Strict access control in practice.

Everything there is a price to pay, in order to meet these requirements, you must a lot of time and money. Standards of the payment, the site does not cost a significant amount of money, but manages all your customer data, so that you have more time and resources on the management of the business and in the provision of services to their customers.


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